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Step off & Step Left

Imagine what it would be like to bring your practice to work.

Take a moment to connect in with the tentacles of your life.

Where does the yoga live? Just on the mat? Well, here's the good news: yoga doesn't exist only on a mat. It can, and often does, but the mat is a gateway for us to experience the deeper experiences of yoga: philosophy, connectivity, and the ability to bring the practice to all facets of our lives, including work. It’s like our mat becomes a magic carpet ride, giving us a bird's eye view of how we can bring these practices to more parts of our life.

It takes 21 days to release ourselves from habits and patterns that keep us from becoming our optimized selves. And that includes the patterns of mind that are so deep we don’t realize how they influence our vices, self-doubt, and forge pathways forward we may not have intended for ourselves. When we become aware of the obstacles of mind that keep us from stepping into our full potential, we have the opportunity to shift, from the inside out.

In this time as we start to slowly extricate ourselves from disconnection, let's connect with like-minded practitioners to build a new toolkit and step off the cycles of self-doubt and release any editors that might be lingering.

I look forward to the opportunity to guide you on this journey.

Step Left is a Transformational Virtual & Live Immersion. Join us beginning May 6, 2021. Learn more here.


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