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Clifftop Yoga

Step Left

21-Day Immersion

May 6-27, 2021, live & online 

It takes 21 days to release ourselves from habits and patterns that keep us from becoming our optimized selves. And that includes habits and patterns of mind that influence our vices, self-doubt, and forging pathways forward. When we become aware of the obstacles of mind that keep us from stepping into our full potential, we have the opportunity to shift, from the inside out. In this 21-day exploration, we will do just that.

As we step in with gusto, you will be fully supported. There will be weekly online meet-ups after specially designed live classes. You will also receive one weekly dedicated recorded class with the theme of the week, as well as inclusion in a dedicated community on facebook to build community and connect with each other and explore the themes of the week. And... a full month of classes with BeLuminous, so you can attend any of Tina's other live classes for free.

In this time of seeming disconnection with others and ourselves, let's with like-minded practitioners to build our toolkit to step off the cycles of self-doubt and release ourselves from the editors that might be lingering.

3-week Journey Includes:

  • Thursday evening live class &

  • 90-minute workshop.

  • 3 pre-recorded classes, one for each week of our journey that you can stream every day to support your path

  • Inclusion in dedicated facebook group to build community

  • 1-month subscription to BeLuminous classes, so you can explore all of Tina's public classes.


$215 first 5 tickets (SOLD OUT)

$255 thru April 30

$295 After May 4

Your Guides

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 2.26.31 PM.png
Tina Templeman

I'm thrilled to be leading this first of a kind 21-day immersion. Looking forward to journeying with and in support of you. We will Step Left together.

Kathleen Eder

I'll be bringing the balance element into this work, supporting you through practical applications in work & life.

Tina & Kathleen will be leading you every Thursday with live sessions and will be peeking in to support you online. We will practice, write, connect and share. Together. By balancing the work of the yoga with the work of life (and actual work place), we will explore together how to Step Left off the Wheel of Samskara.

With a combined 50 (!)+ years of practice and teaching between these us, you will be 100% fully supported. It will be rigorous, relaxing, challenging, and ultimately, pattern-changing. For those of you who are interested in a teacher training, this is also a wonderful program to begin that journey and prepare

The Curriculum

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