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Mon, Oct 19
via Zoom
Anatomy for Yoga: Whole Body Series
We are going from the top to the bottom and then meeting in the middle. Over 6 sessions, this series will explore the anatomy of your neck and shoulders one week, your spine and back the next, and conclude with an exploration of the feet and how they relate to the pelvis.
Tue, Jan 05
via Zoom
Dad Bod Yoga
It's not what your body looks like, it's how it feels. We'll give your dad bod a makeover from the inside out over 4 classes in two weeks that will begin to rebuild the structure of your body through breath and simple yoga postures.
Mon, Mar 08
via Zoom
Anatomy of Life's Step Left: A 21 Day Immersion
Step Left is a 21-Day Exploration into the Anatomy of Life. As many of us know, it takes 21 days to truly discern a habit and pattern, and eliminate that which no longer serves us so it sticks, or rather, we stick closer to ourselves.
Fri, Mar 26
via Zoom
Anatomy for Yoga: 20-hour training module
For yoga teachers and practitioners alike, this complete training module will support your embodiment of yoga anatomy and prepare you to understand how to share it with others. This training fulfills is Yoga Alliance-approved and fulfills 200-hour teacher trainings and can also be taken CEC's.
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