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Anatomy of
Life Coaching

A new approach to moving through life transitions into an embodied new chapter 

Have you reached a time in your life when you are questioning all that you're doing? You know you want something more, something different... and you just don't know where to begin.


Moments of unrest and dissatisfaction are not one-time events. They happen over and over, and form a habitual pattern in our unconscious. When we apply choice and action to disrupt those cycles, we get the opportunity to begin again.

I'm here to guide you, motivate you, and share tools that will create choice, focus, and transformation from the moment we begin. So let's begin right here, right now, exactly where you are.


And you will not be alone.


Working with a transformational coach puts all the pieces of belief, behavior, and action into harmony for a balanced life and positive outcome.  


Because this time next year, next month, or even tomorrow, can be a new beautiful experience of life, building from the bones out.

Let's meet for a complementary 30-minute alignment call.

We are not designed to achieve alone.

When we work alone towards our goals, it can leave many of us feeling isolated with reduced capacity and power. It could very possibly lead us directly back into the very rut we are trying to get out of.

Together we will create a coaching journey that is customized specifically for you. This is not a cookie-cutter experience. It is a thoughtfully designed journey that is all yours. Every tool, practice, and conversation is designed to deepen and grow so that you can feel and experience your best life.

The Journey:
How It Works

We begin with a conversation to see if we are a fit. These 30-minute connective experiences are productive no matter what.

If we choose to work together, we will create regular meetings for both conversation and practice. Depending on the length of journey you choose, we will integrate practices, space for exploration, and stay dedicated to getting you where you want to be, and celebrate each milestone.

This is not an overnight process. It is about learning, unlearning, and building. Noticeable changes begin immediately, and best results arrive between 3 and 6 months to transform into your next chapter.

About the Practices

My coaching work combines the body and mind knowing that true change isn't just a decision. True change happens within the cellular structure of our bodies. My approach is based in creating more choice and creating physical as well as meditative experiences to support them. New pathways will built within, from the bones out, setting the course for your next chapter.

All the modalities you'll learn, I am not only certified in, but also have been practicing and teaching them for over 25 years. We will find the right mix for you which could include:

  • breathing techniques to clear your energetic field (pranayama)

  • embodied yoga practices

  • writing & distillation practices

  • qi gong

  • reiki

Let's meet for a connective and productive conversation to see if we are a fit.

"I don't need coaching. I'm fine."

That's what I said. But it wasn't true.

The truth is that I had been circling around the same rut for nearly 15 years. It began with a career that I worked so hard for, and when I achieved it, I thought I had to keep going even though I was running myself ragged. I kept achieving, getting more jobs, receiving more acknowledgements. However, with each accolate, I felt more isolated, and lonely. I told myself I had achieved my dreams, I should feel happy. But it didn't quite feel like what I had expected. I wasn't experiencing my life as the rich and deep success as others kept telling me it was.

I needed new dreams, and also, desperately needed a declared path to get there. What I learned was that only internal work could set the course. I longed for connection in new ways, a next step in my income level, and in my personal love life, as well as a deeper connection with my children and grandchildren.

When I started my coaching program in 2011, I didn't realize how it would impact my future. Ultimately, it started to chart a course towards experiencing my best life that I could feel daily, and now can express and share. Further, I've set new patterns for myself where I have more choice. As a result, better and better things are happening. I'm closer with my children, I've improved my career and income, and now, I have found love.

If my story resonates, and you are curious about how you can transform your own journey to one that is in constant bloom, please do reach out.


Journeys Include:

  • weekly meetings

  • checkins via text & email

  • specialized practice plans to support mind, body, and spirit

  • and the support to make it happen


Now, I really would love to know about you.

Let's connect.

It's no-risk conversation, and it's a great first step, no matter what.

High Five after Workout

This is not about change.
It's about transformation.

If you are the person who has been wanting change for longer than is comfortable, I am here to give you transformation.

Please contact me for a connection call if...


  • You have all the belief and faith, but you struggle with action

  • There have been multiple seasons where the rut has taken over

  • You have been hoping for that big shift (a special someone, career change, different response) but can’t seem to take action in a way that is bringing you what you long for

  • You’ve never felt that you are good enough, always falling behind some milestone that feels out of reach

  • You feel like too much time has passed, and it’s not worth changing, it is… The time is now.

Well, you've read this far.
So, shall we?
Join me for a complimentary connection call.

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