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Return from Bali

Hello lovely human,

I’ve been home for 4 days after spending 3 weeks in Bali. Having been to Indonesia before was a gift to share that magical island again. There are scenic tapered rice fields, majestic mountains, the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, and just a few gazillion scooters carrying sometimes up to 5 passengers. And the food, the culture, amazing. I am grateful to be back in the US and I am exhausted. Now it’s time for re-integration. Or what I like to call “return to.”

Having lived 56 of my 60 years in the Pacific Northwest my usual return from a big trip like this I’d reintegrate by surrounding myself with the familiar. I’d go hiking in the mountains or through nearby trails. I’d teach and take yoga at familiar yoga studios. I’d hang with my aging parents as well as with friends that I’ve known for many years. Now that I live in North Carolina, having moved here just a couple of months ago, this new home still feels foreign to me. Worry and doubt crept in.

Now, my return to, my reintegration, is all about my intention, not my surroundings. Back in 2021, I set the intention to find out “Where does Tina want to live?” having lived my entire life in the Bellevue/Seattle area of W

A state. I set the intention to travel to new states and actually live in different areas until my inner knowing gives me the “this is it.” North Carolina is my first stop.

Having my intention, which was written down, then revisiting it and connecting with those who support my vision and goals, I began to re-integrate. To return to my intention of discovering other places to live in the US and even the world. Perhaps Bali?!

When challenges arise attempting to sway you off course, when worry and doubt creep in, if you feel you’ve been knocked off your

path, remember your intention, and write it down. Keep it in front of you to help you stay the course. Think of it like a train ride. There’s a destination at the end however there are several stops along the way. Sometimes you get off at the stops, i.e. have challenges. When that happens, choose to get back on the train. “Return to” your intention and create the life you want.

As I mentioned above, the mountains are like home to me. Join me this fall and explore the mountains of the Swiss Alps. Imagine the fresh air, the sound of cow bells ringing in the fields, and doing yoga at the highest peak of northeast Switzerland. Join me on The Mountains are Calling retreat this September with Drishti Journeys: I’d be honored to share with you a “return to” a home I love so dearly ~ the mountains.

It's always an honor to share with you,



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