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NATO: Not Attached To Outcome

Imagine yourself as a gift. A gift that you offer the world. A present that you can decide at any time how to have yourself “wrapped up” and present yourself to the world, to yourself.

This week has been a crazy hectic week, busier than usual (and I already have a pretty full/busy life, ask anyone close to me)! A couple of the balls I was juggling got dropped, a missed appointment here, a double booking there, and I felt the disappointment from those who were impacted. I took a short spiral down into thinking I was wrong or bad for these misses.

What I had to do for myself (after a short breakdown in tears, which was a gift unto itself) was deepen my breath, accept my human-ness, and move on. I realized that negative thoughts aren’t doing anyone any good, especially myself. I became present to myself and forgave myself. Then I was able to re-present myself and realign the misses to the best of my ability. I realized I have choice in each moment how I want to show up for myself. When I am present for myself I gift myself what I need to be more present for others. I can bring forth the best representation of myself to the world.

Be a present for yourself. Be IN the present moment and accept those times when everything doesn’t work out. Do what you need to do to re-present yourself. Recognize you have choice in each moment and choose to represent yourself as the true gift that you are, a beautifully wrapped present of all that you are, to yourself and to the world.


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