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Have I Lost My Path? Or Found It?

I am currently on a journey of exploration of the east coast, checking out certain states to see if I would want to put down some roots some day. The purpose of this quest is to be closer to my grand-daughter, and get on her same time zone for ease of connection.

As I boarded yet another plane to go to another state I had a sensation of feeling lost. Not the kind of stomach drop you get when you lose the trail in woods, this was more like lost feeling inside me. Am I running away from something or to? Where am I going? I felt my eyes tear up.

Then I began to choose my thoughts…

I choose this path. The path of inner discovery of who I want to be in each moment. I choose to apply all the tools I have learned along the way to continue forward progress in “how” I show up in life. Not “where” I show up. As long as I’m present for myself, and apply all the tools of self-discovery that I know, I can relax in knowing the “land destination” will reveal itself. The true destination for me is a new love, respect, and trust for myself, and the path I have chosen.

Have you ever begun a plan for the day, or a life-direction and then you suddenly find yourself feeling lost? Perhaps a sudden directional shift happens which throws you off course, off your planned path. Remember the saying; it’s the journey, not the destination that counts. Well I’d like to add to that - it’s the thoughts along the journey that really counts. We have the power to choose our thoughts that reconnect us to our true path. The path to being the grandest variation of our greatest self, in each moment. Lost or not.


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