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Where you Land ~The Journey Doesn't End There

Hello lovely human,

This came to me as I watched the leaf-covered

ground on my hike this morning in San Luis Obispo, CA. The leaves weren’t inert; some tumbled with the wind while others were tossed about from my footfalls. At times the leaves would cling to my shoes for several steps finding another resting place further along the trail. And it got me thinking… despite where we land there’s always an opportunity waiting to begin a new journey from a different vantage point.

Think about the journey of the leaf, it falls to the ground, and depending on the conditions of the day it has the opportunity to drop directly to the earth or flitter about with the wind before it comes to rest on the earth. And even then, once the leaf has touched down, it doesn’t mean that where it landed that’s the final resting spot.

We humans can sometimes get caught up in disappointment if something doesn’t work out the way we want. The job we interviewed for didn’t pan out. The new relationship turned out not to be “the one.” Even what we majored in in college, often graduates don’t find careers in line with their majors and still, they’re able to move on with life and explore new frontiers they may not thought was possible for them.

Are you feeling stuck in any area of your life where you feel you don’t have any other options other than to stick out where you are because that’s what you know? Because that’s where your life led you so far. Trust me, I know that feeling by staying stuck in the house I bought when raising two young kids as a divorced woman, working 2 careers I was happy with and yet became unfilled over time. We have a choice in our decisions to move forward at any age. I changed my career and living situation at 60! You can move as well.

Just like a leaf that lands on the ground, where it lands may not be the final resting place. Winds of change may pick it up to relocate it. Or an unseemly passerby may pick it up, possibly unwittingly, and lead it to a new destination. As humans we have choice. The choice to take a leap. And each leap is worth it, even if it lands with a ker-thud. Because even a fall will change your perspective, a new view is made available. Now it’s up to you to do with this new perspective what you will ~ you can either move forward or in a different direction. New opportunities abound.

Please reach out for support in creating new opportunities ~ and read on to see other offerings. ❤️

With love and joy,



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