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When the tools stop working …23-53-65

Hello lovely human,

It’s now 2023, the year of love. So why do I feel so unlovable when I know I’m not?

Let’s take the sentence… Why do I feel so unlovable when I know I’m not? That sentence sounds like a person who knows they are lovable, however, momentarily is so caught up in seeking love, acceptance, and dare I say, approval, from someone else. Geez, that person was me.

This holiday season was one of the most challenging that I can remember in a long, long time. Sure, I’ve had those Christmases as a little girl when I didn’t get exactly the gift I had asked for (and therefore expected) under the tree. So I was disappointed… add an eye roll here. Sure, I had a Christmas as a teenager after my parents split where I had to lay on my back to open gifts from being too nauseous by seeking oblivion the night before. And then when Christmas mornings began where I would wake up alone, after the end of my marriage, with no kids or pets in the home. This year was not so much challenging on Christmas, it was challenging throughout the season because I was at a place that I thought was suitable for another, with another who didn’t really didn’t want to be there, and I felt responsible for disappointing EVERYONE.

What happened? My tools momentarily stopped working. I practiced them, oh yes, I did! 23-53-65 positive points to my energetic field. What I temporarily forgot was the biggy… Faith and Patience. Why am I sharing this? To share

that you’re not alone if this happens to you; because it happens to all of us from time to time. I practice love-forgiveness-choice, consistently. And still found myself caught in temporary despair due to a lack of faith and patience, i.e. expecting change of another too soon.

This year is 2023. A freakin’ powerful year because the 23… is love. I have faith in love. Now it’s my job to be patient with another’s love. Not invasive and certainly not judging my lovability on another. I am love. I am living in the year of love ~ 2023. And so is the planet with those who follow the same calendar. Including you.

Let’s share love, goals, and intentions together. I’m taking private coaching clients and will be launching my group course in March. Plus my retreats in Bali, Leavenworth, WA, and Switzerland I’ll be sharing life tools and techniques along with yoga and breath work.

With Love,



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