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Sit With, not ON Discomfort

It’s been a while since my last blog and it’s because I have been sitting “with” discomfort that’s been distracting. Sitting with discomfort is feeling all the feelings and moving through whatever is required in the moment. Sitting “on” discomfort is trying to ignore that any discomfort exists. Like when a hen sits on her eggs incubating so they can be hatched. When we ignore our feelings we just may be incubating a larger problem. One that could hatch into something far worse than simply dealing with what is right in front of us.

Recently my house was sold and not having a place of residence is somewhat unnerving for me. I do have a storage unit and I do have temporary places to stay. What has happened is I have left things behind at the last place I was that I’ve wanted to have with me in the new place. And I've brought along that weren't used, only “adding to the weight I’m carrying.” It’s an odd experience for me because I basically have lived in the same area of Washington state since I was 3!

This is where my insurance plan I have set in place for myself has come into play and have saved my emotional bacon, if you know what I mean. During a sleepless night where I was trying to ignore emotional pain that I was going through I realized at 3:00 am that I couldn’t ignore this pain any longer. I needed to talk it out with someone I trust. I texted my bff who lives in Alaska. I knew she can stay up late and was she in a time zone 4 hours earlier than where I was. She was up. We talked for an hour.

An insurance plan is something you create for yourself when you are going through discomfort and you want support in creating of shift. A shift of energy. Our call created enough of a shift for me that I was able to get at least a few hours of sleep before I needed to be back in into the discomfort I so desperately wanted to ignore and could not any longer. I was able to make a higher call for myself the next day.

Do you have an insurance plan in place for when you feel you need a shift of energy to deal with an uncomfortable situation? Why not create one for yourself so you’re not “sitting on your discomfort” possibly incubating it to turn into something worse. It’s simple… right now, write down 3 things that you already know shifts your energy. It could be playing a song, talking to a friend, going for walk or simply taking 3 deep breaths. An insurance plan will let you work through sitting with the discomfort vs. sitting on it.


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