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Welcome to 2021

I walk this path with you and for you.

Hello wonderful human, I've been thinking a lot over the winter break. A lot. And I've been reflecting on why and how I keep showing up. What I've returned to again and again is that I am most alight when I serve and teach. It is the greatest joy of my working life. And whether that is turning on my computer and stepping into the ring light, or being in person with you all, there is an alchemical experience when I share these practices with you. And it's why I do this work. We all look forward to the day when we gather in the same room, hear each other's breath, and stay after class for that sweet community connection. As we all crave it, know this… we are getting closer and closer every day. The conversations I am having with collaborators is beginning to change as we vision past this moment. And, we are building in new opportunities to connect more beyond the screen. Something wonderful is happening online, and in person. The next BeLuminous Teacher Training, a full 200-hour teacher training that will begin in August - in a hybrid in person and online format, flexible for the times. Man Bod Yoga has just wrapped up, and we are planning for our next steps to support the mens community and open up special programming. And for the Devotional Flow community, we launch another series in just a few days that explores asana amidst the principles of yoga philosophy, focusing on the Yamas and Niyamas. Public classes continue. Please join the community that is growing. I'm inspired and looking forward to guiding your physical and energetic body into a new flow for 2021. And always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about the right places to recommit and grow your practice. With love in not just this new year, but every new moment, Tina


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