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Holidays can still be, Whole-y days as well...

Hello lovely human,

The holidays can create extra stress for so many of us. I notice drivers become less patient, and for goodness sake, be careful inside parking lots. Car horns and tempers blare. The holiday tasks and obligations can deplete one's sense of being whole and complete within. How can you create a sense of being “whole-y” connected and grounded in self through the holidays?

For me there’s been an extra twist to the hustle and bustle of the holidays this year, I’m without a permanent residence. I’ve been house and dog-sitting, navigating AirB&Bs and hotels in between. I counted 12 different pillows in 12 different locations over the past 13 days in the greater Seattle area. I’m also on call to support my daughter’s dog and house when she goes into labor. Her firstborn was due last week. With all this going on I unconsciously lost sight of my obligation to myself by being caught up in obligations to others. I felt fragmented and depleted. I completely lost the I’m Good part of the “I’m Good, You’re Good” principle of my Lightyear Coach training that I teach my coaching clients.

My pathway back to being “whole-y” connected to self was to put into play my “Insurance Plan.” My insurance plan consists of a playlist on Spotify, calling my best friend, and getting outside to walk. I thought I had the walks covered by walking so many dogs as of late. I learned dog walks are only partial walks for me, not enough to connect whole-y to my own needs. When I finally took my own walk, my brain cleared. I felt whole again. And I celebrate that it took only a week of feeling splintered within before all the right ingredients of my insurance plan were

distilled to reconnect me! In the past, it would have taken me much longer.

Be sure to take time to connect to yourself whole-y. Maybe 5 minutes in the morning to meditate, journal, or move your body. Create an insurance plan for yourself that reconnections you to self. For when you are whole-y aligned within yourself you are giving yourself the best gift you get this holiday season.

Please reach out for support in creating new opportunities ~ and read on to see other offerings. ❤️

With love and joy,



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