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Grounding = Growth

Hello fabulous human,

I have been on the road for five weeks working and playing and am now getting myself back into my regular schedule, my home, my body, my breath. This week so far I have made sure to take walks in my local woods connecting to the nature that surrounds my neighborhood. To meditate in the mornings, practice yoga and make sure to practice the sensation of being grounded every day. In yoga, we talk about grounding down to rise up. To create a solid foundation through your feet to the earth to make a platform in which one finds a solid foundation to press into, to lift up from, and to move forward from. And it got me thinking…

When we are grounded we have freedom. Being grounded doesn't mean being stagnant, inert or stuck in one place not being able to move. It is from the ground in which we find the energy to grow from, to find stability in the moment so one can make right choices. Just like trees that have their roots deep in the earth, their branches reach high to the sky and dance with the wind. Have you ever noticed how the branches never go in just one straight direction? They're organic and ever-changing as they stretch to and fro and grow towards the sun. Perhaps another larger tree branch can disrupt its growth pattern or a steady wind can curve its shape. The solid connection to the earth holds the tree's base steadfast allowing it freedom to grow this way and that, branching out as it needs to find the photosynthesis of the sun. We too can be shaped and our life trajectory can change by circumstances we run into, people we meet, or blocked opportunities that have closed one door, and we have to move in another direction to find the next opportunity. When we go through these times it's good to practice grounding in who we want to be, how we want to show up in the world, and to not stop reaching towards the sun and dance like the branches in the wind.

You have the ability to create and generate any direction you want for yourself in a single moment, or in a day, a week, or even within a five or 10-year goal setting plan. Start by grounding in the reality of where you are now, and then grow forward to manifest new possibilities for yourself. Along this journey, obstacles can arise or directions can change, don't let that stop you. Maintain your solid platform - your mountain pose - grounded in the foundation of what is right now, and then move yourself forward, maybe even take that leap of faith.


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