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Fire… Aim… Ready? Finding calm in action

Hello lovely human,

Have you ever done something publicly that you wanted to retract? Well, when I read today’s newsletter “Vibrating ~ Into Stillness” and realized that it was my first draft, written thoughts flowing onto a page, not meant for public eyes, was accidentally sent out without all the revisions I had made. The stillness was nowhere in sight. My nervous system literally vibrated to implosion. My first response was a deep embarrassment. The second response is anger. The third response, where’s a rock I can disappear under?

I laugh as I type this because my word for the year is “deliberate.” I want to be deliberate about my thoughts, choices, and actions, as a jury deliberates on a verdict. Uh… that didn’t happen. So I decided to send next week’s newsletter today.

I went to “my insurance plan” tool. I called a loved one

, someone I feel unconditional love and support from. (He coined the phrase, Fire, Aim, Ready?) He made me laugh. When my energy shifted I went within and connected above. What actions are required at this moment? How many? The answer: Yes. Two actions. 1. Feel my breath. 2. Write.

As my fingers clicked across the keys I found my calm. I remembered when reading ‘The Book of Happiness” by Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama, and I paraphrase: “When in a moment of pain and discomfort remember that others have been there too. The pain/discomfort decreases because it’s a shared experience and you don’t feel so alone in it.”

Everyone has felt the chaotic energy of embarrassment. As I had said in “Vibrating ~ Into Stillness,” allow the energy. Then align in and align up. Ask, if action is required? If yes, then how many? In my yoga class no action was required, to allow the vibration. In the case of my embarrassed energy, the answer was yes. Innate wisdom resides within our bodies and all around us if we allow ourselves to be deliberate in our listening.

With respect and honor,



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