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Emerging Right Side Up

Written in March 2021...

Washington state is opening up. Wow. I've started to go back to the studio, or at least broadcast from it for a few sessions. A room where we used to be hip-to-hip in downward dog is now a sparse open space with a limit of 5 participants. What seemed an impossibility just a couple months ago is now the reality. What a trip.

We can't (and might not want to) go back to exactly the way things were before. And in that, there is opportunity. Perhaps the “before” was was frantic and over-achieving. Maybe it was dulled, and we hoped for some new incarnation of ourselves. As the world begins to open, we might feel a rush to go back or spring forward (no pun intended), and know this: we still have plenty of time and opportunity to step left and re-emerge back into the world strong, inspired, and whole.

Integration time is upon us as the first days of spring say hello. The switchbacks of this last year has my brain and body curious about how we are going to navigate it.

What I've learned from this time is that I want to be prepared and hold steady in the face of yet another change. So, this week, I sit before myself and begin the very immersion I have designed for you. Before we launch Step Left on May 6, I will have graduated from it, steeped in the same skills and teachings that I will share with you. If you have any questions at all about how this program can support your journey, please do not hesitate to contact me personally.


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