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Doing Nothing- Is Doing Something

Hello lovely human,

Are you the kind of person that can feel guilty when doing “nothing?” I know I can be. I inherited the legacy that if I’m not doing something productive, i.e. something to improve my business, clean the house, improve my fitness… then I am a lazy-good for nothing. And as I type that I know that those aren’t the actual words that were used on me, however, it was the message I received.

The other day amidst the chaos of my life right now, I actually took “a day off.” I.e. I didn’t teach a yoga session, I didn’t lead a yoga anatomy clinic, I didn’t give a massage or provide advice to someone regarding how they can physically support their body. I didn’t even get on social media. In other words, I took a day off from productivity… or did I?

What I did do was take a walk for myself by myself, for I was in between dog-sitting gigs. I came upon a Take One/Leave One book repository in front of a unique snuggly snowed-in home in the central district of Seattle. As I reviewed the options of books I decided upon a fantasy fiction book, a genre I used to read regularly in my teens and early 20s. A genre I’ve barely revisited since taking on my spiritual quest of “how best does Tina want to live in the world?” post-divorce. When I arrived back at the studio apartment I rented for the month to be near my daughter and her firstborn in Seattle… I sprawled out on the tiny couch and opened the first page.

And then it hit me… I’m doing nothing. I’m not taking forward action to promote my business. I must be wasting my time/therefore wasting my life. I’m not “doing” anything to make my life better. It took a lot of consciousness to stay right where I was. To recognize that I am actually “doing something.” I am resting spirit and my being. I am reinvesting in myself so I will have the energy to move forward to best be my best self in service of others.

Being in service to others is what I want and what feeds me. And yet in order to do so I need to take time to “BE JUST FOR ME”. For then my cup is filled and overflowing. And the overflow is what goes forth to others.

During this busy holiday time, I know your cup can overfill with “doing for others.” If you’re one of those, remember that you need to refill your own cup then the overflow will be to give to others… which may truly replenish you as it does me. So between now and December 31st, do something that can serve only you. From there use the replenishment in order to serve others better.

Sometimes knowing you’re doing something for yourself in the near future helps… perhaps going to Bali in April? If not, it’s all good! Remember it’s about YOU! join me or not… take the time to give yourself the space.

With Love,



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