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Communication…clarity is key.

On my walk the other day, a German Shepard I had never seen before ran towards me which initially caused my heart to leap into my throat. Then I realized this dog was only getting my attention, he wanted my help. He communicated to me he wanted to go home. Not just home, but inside. It amazed me how well the dog led me directly to the front door of his home. And when the surprised owner answered my knock, she was deeply grateful because they live on a busy street and “Jake” should not have been out front alone.

This got me thinking… how clearly do I communicate to others my wants, needs or simple requests? How often have I been vague or not spoken up at all due to fear? Fear of hurting someone’s feelings or having my own hurt. Fear of judgement or feeling unworthy of asking for exactly what I want or need. And I can use words! The dog communicated CLEARLY, to a stranger, without the gift of verbal language.

Where in your life have you held back from communicating clearly? Is there something or someone in your life that you're not being clear with? Could it even be with yourself?

Let's all learn from my new friend Jake the German Shepard, and let go of internalized fear that may prevent us from speaking our mind. Clarity is key in communication, to be clear is to be kind ~ it's what makes relationships grow stronger, with others and ourselves.


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