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Breath in the Solstice

These recent days have been tough, especially since the dial back of the clock. I've found myself tired, a bit forlorn, and lonely. The yearning to gather is real. And it is a right, human feeling. So what can we do about it, when the walls (and curfews) feel like they are closing in so close?

It's time to catch our collective breath. As we move towards the great seasonal contraction of solstice, and the outside seems to shut down, let's open on the inside. It's part of the natural cycle, and I'm going to commit to supporting rest and regeneration as we move towards 2021. Yes, it's coming, and I'm going to be ready for it.

And I want you to be ready for it, too.

Breath is the theme right now as we close out this calendar year. And despite the darkness out there, we still take as deep a breath as we can muster, holding ourselves steady and buoyant in these moments. For only with a complete exhale to cleanse ourselves can we begin to take a new breath. And though we can't breathe in the same room amidst candlelight and community right now (as this is written during the second wave of Covid, or is it the third at this point?), we can still gather and breathe together in the ways that we can.

Let's remember that we can dial our energy up and down with pranayama, and become more nimble and fluid no matter what comes across our screens or doorsteps. Let's gather not only with each other in the ways that we feel comfortable but also with ourselves in this time. May you find peace, ease, and breath as we step into this next season.

With love,



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