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Be-Holding to One's Self

To hold is supporting something in your hands to not let it go. To behold something is to see or observe something in a remarkable or impressive way. Beholden is an owing or having a duty to something or someone. What would it look like to behold the grandest variation of yourself, to hold it firm in your heart and mind therefore being beholden to be that for yourself?

Lately, I’m working on healthy eating choices. I caught myself saying some pretty unkind things inside my head after feeling bloated and uncomfortable from a particularly unhealthy salty-crunchy binge. When I recognized this old pattern of berating myself, like a punishment for doing something wrong, I stopped. I remembered my word for the year is strategic. I don’t have to just be strategic about food choices, I can be strategic about being kind to myself when my humanity bubbles to the surface, when I make a mistake or when something disappointing happens.

My strategy is to be beholden to being my best self and being kind to myself is a part of that. I want to hold this image as I navigate times of disappointment and learn to behold the beauty of all that I am, with all my foibles and mistakes.

When you hold a positive image of yourself, of how you want to be in the universe, practice being beholden to it and care for yourself as you would a good friend. Then behold the fabulousness of who you are in your own uniqueness.


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