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Because this time next year, next month, or even tomorrow... 
can be a new beautiful experience of life, building from the bones out.

Anatomy of Life:

We are stronger than we know

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And it's my walk in life to guide the journey for students to know themselves physically and spiritually. I believe there are many paths on which someone could discover themselves more deeply, aligning in new ways to themselves, in relationship with others, and the world around them. In this community, we learn practices of awareness that will serve anyone's life for the better.

Sharing the philosophy of Yoga, honoring the roots of this practice, and lifting students through asana and anatomy is my dharmic walk in this life. After 20+ years of teaching and training teachers in asana, anatomy, and meditation, I am proud to offer opportunities for deeper learning for all those who are ready, and even for those who are just curious.

All are welcome.



Bali: Trust in Nature

Get in tune with your own nature and learn to trust it. This retreat offers a journey into deeper self-knowledge and acceptance, living our truth and leading with our heart wide open. Located in Sidemen, considered the last undiscovered gem of Bali, we will be surrounded by rolling green, hills, terraced rice fields, lush jungle and waterfall, while on a the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan we will explore the turquoise colored waters by boat, surfing or swimming.


From my students

Tina has been amazing in helping me take my practice to the next level. She is a rare combination of humble, grounded, and spiritual. Her perception is great and, in addition to being able to detect subtle ways I can improve my form, she is able to recognize and adapt exercises to my state of mind making deeper challenges possible. I think these qualities enable her to understand me as a student and have accelerated my progress towards my goals.

ALEX, Bellevue, WA


I love hearing from you.

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