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Hot Tamales & The Wheel of Samsara

Hot Tamale candies are my #1 trigger.

After eating only a few, crave-mode is triggered, and I want more. My tongue salivates for the hot cinnamon flavor, my endocrine system begs for the boost from the sugar and my mind becomes obsessed with this little game I play:

I’ll only have 3 more and then stop. Okay, 3 more after that.

Then it expands.

Well, I’ve been good watching my sugar all week so eating half the box won’t be too damaging. 

Then it's...

I might as well finish the box since I’ve already eaten half, I’ll go back to my low-sugar diet tomorrow since I’ve already blown it today.

A sense of disappointment, shame (and in the past as an ex-bulimic, an explosion of disgust at myself) erupts forth, leading to a spiral of negative thought patterns perpetuating a downward spiral. Something happens in your life and you spin into the same old story you always tell yourself. That story leads you back into that same old action you always take and now you're stuck on the wheel of samksara. Join Tina to get present to those moments that send you spinning, and make space to choose a different story, and step left off the wheel.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I have recently explored this through a Deeper Learning course focused specifically on how to begin to step off the wheel of samskara, take a look at our samskaras, and move towards a place of equanimity within our selves. In my next formal exploration of this (because we all know we confront our habits casually every day), Anatomy of Life's Step Left: A 21-Day Immersion, we will take a dive into full witness of our habits and patterns, where they come from, and how to begin to clear the path for a more open space where we begin to release ourselves from their hold. You are invited to sign up here.

We will step off the wheel of Samsara, and explore our samskaras (our cellular imprints).  Over three weeks, we’ll explore the triggers in your life that set you along a seemingly automatic path. You will learn about body-triggers and the cellular imprint which may transport you away from this immediate moment. Join me to get present to those moments that send you spinning, and make space to choose a different story, and a different action.


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