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Anatomy of
Life Coaching

A new approach to moving through life transitions into an embodied new chapter 

Yes, we are all superhuman.  Until we aren't.

And then, we could use some help to return to the space of not just superhuman powers, but truly, being human. And being in our own lives.

What would it be like if you received guidance, motivation and tools to focus and transform the now, and that you can use for the rest of your life?

If you've come across a moment where you know more (or less) is possible, and that you need support getting aligned into your life, or a new chapter of it, I encourage you to connect with me. Because this time next year, next month, or even tomorrow, everything can evolve.


And we don't need to do it alone.

Let's meet for a connective and productive conversation to see if we are a fit.


The work and the Work.

My Goals / Your Goals

Coaching is so often about goals. My only goal is to support you. And that is more about practice than it is about standard goal achievement. My intention is t


Every client receives their own customized program. This is not a cookie-cutter experience. This is a thoughtfully designed journey that is yours. All tools, practices, and conversations are designed in tandem to deepen and grow your experience of yourself so that you can feel your life and navigate it into the right waters.

About the Practices

We will talk. Yes, yes we will. And we will also get up and learn new processes that will support the new neural pathways to set course for a new chapter. These are all modalities that I am not just certified in, but also have been practicing and teaching for over 25 years. We will find the right mix for you which could include:

  • breathing techniques to clear your energetic field (pranayama)

  • embodied yoga practices

  • writing & distillation practices

  • qi gong

  • reiki

The Journey

We begin with a conversation to see if we are a fit. These 30-minute connective experiences are productive no matter what.

If we choose to work together, we will create regular meetings for both conversation and practice. We will check in weekly via text and email. Depending on the length of journey that you choose, we will make space for celebrations, juggernaut explorations, and more.

The Connection of Mind, Body & Spirit

I believe that the body can inform the mind, and the mind can inform the body. When they work together, they can optimize the lived experience. That's why my coaching is not just from the neck up- it's about learning not just the anatomy of our mind, but also how the anatomy of our bodies can collaborate together to create a whole new life...

Let's meet for a connective and productive conversation to see if we are a fit.


(video so they can feel you doing your thing)

Now, I really would love to know about you. Let's connect. It's no-risk conversation, and it's a great first step, no matter what.


"I don't need coaching. I'm fine."

That's what I said. (My story of how coaching helped me)...


Journeys Include:

  • weekly checkins via text & email

  • twice monthly meetings (60 minutes)

  • specialized practice plan

  • etc.

  • etc.


Begins at 3 month commitment at a sliding scale structure.


Veteran discounts available

Needs-based and BIPOC Scholarships available

*Earlybird for those who apply before February 15

Well, you've read this far.
So, shall we?